Two Way Power

Today, the Vertel Group leads the two-way radio communications field. With 11 branches and more than 20,000 radios on air, our infrastructure, talent and relationships are a formidable combination. With experience behind our team, we have a wide-ranging set of clients and have applied Two-Way Radio solutions across the industry spectrum.

Leading the Two-Way space for the past years there's very little we don't know, or can't do, when it comes to delivering the finest turnkey radio communications solutions!


Vertel offers:

  • the largest private radio network in Africa;
  • the best and most pervasive infrastructure;
  • the best and most experienced team; and
  • the critical mass to deliver the most cost-effective turnkey solutions

Two-Way Radio - it is easily the most powerful communication tool for your business.

Two-Way Radio can bring value to a wide rage of industries:
Think of Two way as a multi-task tool. One which enhances team efficiency, productivity, safety and security - all of which saves or earns your business money.


Over the last decade, more and more on-site hand portables are being used on two-way frequencies because they are exceptionally rugged, high powered, high in features and they provide the operator with true mobility. Two-way is ideal for companies looking to add value to their communications, either in the form of more coverage or extra calling features to improve overall business efficiency.


As no two businesses are exactly alike, the applications for radio communications are wide and varied. For this reason, there are different services available for you to choose from:

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Emergency Services
  • Security
  • Courier Services, Distribution
  • Service industry: plumbers, contractors and the likes.
  • Tourism, Event Management and Hotels
  • Construction
  • Manufacturers